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ATANA's Fiorellini Glass Heel is an 95mm-heeled sandal made in fine Italian leather. It also features a ‘glass’ heel that carries our signature shape at its base - the geometric floral motif. According to folklore, this shape signifies the compass of life as it points to the four cardinal directions of the world. The thick glass-like texture of the material resembles vintage perfume bottles made by Italian masters. The imbedded aloe cushions and solid heel ensure stability and comfort of wear.

 True to size fit, Italian sizing
 9.5cm / 3.7inch heel height
 Handcrafted using 100% Italian suede
 The translucent heel is light to wear while very solid to step on


The Quilted Diamond mules are handcrafted using the softest Italian suede and embroidery. The foot is embraced by a soft suede bangle and supported by a sculpted heel with embedded cushions for ease of wear. The Quilted Diamond mules bring the perfect balance between elegance and comfort. The striking depth of the embroidery with its diamond-like, shimmering design make for a statement look.

  • True to size fit, Italian sizing
  • 5.5cm  / 2.2inch heel height
  • Handcrafted using 100% Italian suede
  • The Quilted Diamond embroidery is created on padded suede cushion for a deep 3D visual effect using twisted metallic threads
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